Novel Off-Line Zero-Voltage-Switching PWM AC/DC Converter for Direct Conversion from AC Line to 48VDC Bus with Power Factor Correction


A novel off-line zero-voltage-switching(ZVS) PWM A C D C converter for single stage preregulation in distributed power system is proposed. The proposed A W C converter provides both of input power factor correction and direct conversion from 110-220VAC line to 48VDC bus with single power stage. Comparing to the conventional two-stage approach(boost rectifier followed by off-line DC/DC step down converter), the proposed approach reduces the loss of one power stage. A new simple auxiliary circuit provides zero-voltage-switching(ZVS) condition to all semiconductor devices without imposing additional voltage and current stresses and loss of PWM capability. Operational principle, analysis, control of the proposed converter together with the simulation results of 1KW prototype are presented.


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