Identifying phytoplankton assemblages with hierarchical cluster analysis: The clustering of the hyperspectral phytoplankton absorption coefficients generates a cluster tree

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Phytoplankton pigments, group composition and absorption coefficients: The following diagnostic pigments were used to identify seven phytoplankton groups: fucoxanthin (Fuco), peridinin (Peri), alloxanthin (Allo), 19 ́-hexanoyloxyfucoxanthin (19HF), 19 ́-butanoyloxyfucoxanthin (19BF), zeaxanthin (Zea), and total chlorophyll-b (TChlb, i.e. the sum of monovinylchl-b, chl-b, and divinylchl-b (div-b)). According to Hirata et al. (2011) the weighted relationships of these diagnostic pigments (DPw) were calculated by multiple regression analysis as follows:


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