Energy Efficient Link Adaptive Multi User MIMO System with Limited Feedback in LTE/LTE-Advanced


Although most of the research papers on wireless system discussed the energy limitation of mobile station, only a few researches have discussed the energy efficiency of Base Station, as power mains is available at the BS. But the BS consumes very large power in quite inefficient manner while improving the spectral efficiency of the coverage area. In view of above, a study has been made to improve the energy efficiency of base station while keeping the data rate as high as possible. The paper reviews various research papers published on downlink single user & multiuser MIMO system. The review includes the parameters such as data rate, amount of feedback, and power efficiency of the system. The aim of the review is to find an Energy Efficient Link Adaptive Multiuser MIMO system with maximum data rate in presences of limited feedback. Apart from this a new energy efficient feedback scheme is proposed for multiuser MIMO system with limited feedback information, theoretical description of the scheme is also presented. Keywords-component; Energy efficient,; Link Adaptive; Multiinput Multioutput (MIMO) system;


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